About Us

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Bee’s Story and Origin of Imagine Bee

 Bee’s Story:  Bee was Beatrice Slater, an inspiration to the owner and artists alike. Bee had inspired the owner to create and investigate her surroundings and experiment with many types of materials; from sewing, painting, stamping, drawing and printing.  Imagine Bee Studio has truly created a friendly environment that encourages and inspires artistic vision just as Bee had during her lifetime. She believed "everyone has an artist inside" looking to be creative.  
Imagine Bee Studio will help you find your creative identity.


Designer and Artist

 Jill, the owner of the studio began this journey after many years of inspiration from her grandmother Beatrice (Bee), who taught her many aspects of visual art and design. Now that her grandmother has passed on, and her own artistic daughters are older she wants to continue the legacy to pass on the creative skills she has learned over the years in art and design.

With a Master of Arts' degree and graphic knowledge, Jill has produced designs working for corporate and startup companies. 

 Her experience teaching graphic design, printmaking, and screen-printing goes beyond the basic practice. She is adept at creating many styles yet her love of graphic design, water media and printmaking show in her own art.


Create: to use imagination to invent things or produce works of art.

My Mission is to create memorable designs and illustrations.

Translating your company vision into imaginative designs with branding graphics.